Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Support for multibyte: .tcl ok .adp not

Posted by Henry Minsky on
I've beaten AOLserver and several ACS versions into handling Japanese charsets. I don't have a lot of time, but if you could post your
config file, and tell me what version of AOLserver and ACS (and what patches) you are using, I might be able to help out.

.adp files are generally parsed assuming a UTF8 encoding unless you use
my hack of reading the file into Tcl as a string first, with the encoding set specifically on the file descriptor. I have patches to
make ACS load .adp files in this way. You could also convert your
shift_jis .adp files into UTF8. I personally like to keep everything
in files in shift_jis though, because most tools like editors can
deal with it, whereas UTF8 is not widely supported by the backend tools. On the other hand, storing everything in UTF8 in the database
is the best way to go, hands down, in my opinion.