Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Group definitions and use

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Nick, the code I posted was for handling test users, so it definitely
does NOT preserve their content.  We used very similar code for load
testing, and we sure wouldn't have wanted to preserve all that
"content"!  In fact, it was important to delete it all cleanly so that
I could change the number of users and groups or whatever and try it
all again.

Re. the ACS "delete" function - that's what "delete a user" does by
design.  It is perhaps poorly named.  Note that a user may in fact
delete himself, and then undelete himself, with no adverse effects.

There is "nuke a user", but as you've noticed, there is no "really
delete a user but preserve content".

I've never messed around with the user and group type features of ACS
4, so I can't really comment there.