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Posted by Jerry Asher on
If you've installed OpenACS, all the documentation is available for perusing from by visiting /doc.

Several times per week, I use htDig to index the OpenACS doc (the bboards at, the bug reports, and the wimpypoints), and you can get search that index by visiting

Truly, the best way to learn about OpenACS development and architecture from scratch is to work through the first two problemsets in the online course and then use these bulletin boards and other online resources for additional help.

Some of those resources:

  1. a tcl reference book,
  2. a sql reference book,
  3. an AOLserver reference book
  4. an OpenACS 3.2.5 book
  5. an OpenACS 4 book
  6. A wonderful overview of the ACS, it's development, and the philosophy behind it can be found in Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing,
You will have to take some of these references sources with a grain of salt, in particular the ArsDigita ACS 3 docs. It's really a very good introduction to the system architecture and development patterns, but the doc is for a system that is very similar to, but different from OpenACS 3.2.5

(Note to the webmaster: perhaps it's time for OpenACS to start mirroring the tcl/sql for web nerds books, panda, the problemsets, as well as the aD ACS 3.x books. )