Forum OpenACS Forum Summaries: OpenACS Core Team Summary for 25 Jan 2005

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Present: Caroline, Dave, Don, Jade, Jeff, Joel, Malte, Rocael
  1. OpenACS 5.2. Oracle install is fixed; PG install works; Don et al to continue testing. Tentative goal is to add automated tests for all api procs. Joel will report next week on % of API procs covered.
  2. Dave is putting the forums UI improvement code code on angora onto HEAD and then we will discuss further. Don has committed more bugtracker perfomance improvements; Joel to deploy on We agreed that Don will modify bugtracker to remove the UI for navigating from one bug to another sequentially, because this is not very useful but very bad for performance.
  3. Draft roadmap. We discussed options for the new few releases, including focussing on usability, focussing on ease of development, and on improving quality. Our target for 5.2 or 5.3 is to apply all patches. In 5.3 we want to focus on ease of development, and in 5.4, usability.
  4. followup on foundation?