Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to rolling the server log -- AOLServer 3.2-x?

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
from the config file guide, it seems that the only way to roll the warning/error logfile is to send SIGHUP. Only these parameters/ options affect the warning logfile; modules/nslog is for the access logfile. [Although the docs could be wrong; for instance, nsd 3.3 aD 13 is ignoring my LogMaxBackup parameter.] But SIGHUP definitely rolls it.

(formatting is screwed up. The fields are optionName, default, description.)

  • LogMaxBackup 10 The maximum number of server log backup files.
  • LogRoll on Boolean value. If set to on, the server log file will be rolled on a SIGHUP.
  • ServerLog /log/server.log under the AOLserver home directory The file to contain any notices, warnings, or errors generated by AOLserver if AOLserver is run as a background process. If AOLserver is run in the foreground, messages are written to standard output, and this parameter is ignored.