Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Porting News Module

Posted by Luke Pond on
I would recommend that the existing news package should be ported to postgresql, the sooner the better. Any volunteers?

There's a difference between content management, performed by official site maintainers, and collecting contributions and feedback from more casual users. ETP and CMS are targeted at the former audience, and for the latter, we have bboard, news, and general-comments. Each of these three packages provides the capability for any user to enter something, using the simplest possible interface, and the capability to delay publication until approval by the site's editorial staff.

Granted, it's too bad that bboard, news, and general-comments each contain similar code for putting stuff in the content repository. Perhaps the system could be simplified somewhat by implementing bboard and news with general-comments. This would definitely make integration with the search package easier. The biggest code cleanup task facing us, however, is to eliminate the vestigial "acs-messaging" package that bboard depends on.