Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Enhanced KM in OpenACs 4.0 -- interface to OpenCyc

David, it appears that OpenCyc may only be useful in English,
although I haven't been able to find anything on the web sites
that states this fact definitively. Both the natural language
processing and the semantic data are highly dependent on a
particular language. It would take a massive amount of work to
convert it to another language, I think.

Clay, I'm not a programmer, so I can't do the integration for you
(though I would if I could). It'll be especially important to outline
some concrete use cases so that those who can do the work
see a reason for putting in the time. Likewise, there are some of
us here who, while we can't do the work ourselves, might be
able to get funding for it if we could make a compelling and
concrete business case for it.

So let's keep talking about good pilot applications, let's draw up
some use cases, and let's mock up some HTML wire frames.