Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Breadcrumb trail service?

Posted by Stephen . on
The reason context bar is rooted at My Workspace if you are logged in is to allow users to find subsites. There may be multiple 'roots' (subsites), mounted at different points in the URL heirarchy.

Obviously this doesn't suite all (or even most..?) things you'd like to build, but it works as a default for development.

If you search /api-doc for 'context' you'll see that there are other simillar procs which differ in their inclusion or not of the My Workspace link, among other things. It doesn't look ideal though...

I modified my personal copy of acs and split the ad_context_bar proc into two. A helper proc calls the db for the site map info and returns it as a list. The main proc calls the helper and caches for a couple of minutes, which gets rid of one db hit on every page.

If you did something simillar for your ETP thing, your context bar could be somewhat dynamic again, depending on log-in status...