Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Enhanced KM in OpenACs 4.0 -- interface to OpenCyc

to be clear about exactly what kind of change we're talking about here, what we want to be able to do is to allow users to specify several kinds of semantic relationships:

  • Between a content item and a category, e.g., document x [content item] is a budget for [relationship] project y [category]

  • Between two content items, e.g., inventory item x [content item] is an accessory for [relationship] inventory item y [content item]

  • Between two categories, e.g., customers with characteristic x [category] are likely purchasers of [relationship] product type y [category].

You could make it so that these relationship definitions are optional, i.e., relationships are assumed to be parent/child relationships unless specified. I believe that this change would make a big difference in terms of the value of OpenCyc and that you could develop all kinds of KM services for it that would be useful independent of OpenCyc. We'd also have to develop an interface to let admins define the list of possible semantic relationships and to make use of them within specific apps, but that would come second.

So, could anyone who is familiar with the workings of the content repository say how hard it would be to do this?