Forum OpenACS Q&A: multiple ticket-tracker lite with subsites

I've got a version of OpenACS 4 that is about 3-4 weeks old. I'm trying to add an ACS subsite, but am getting an error message. Before I get into the error, I was wondering if anyone has done this:

set up a basic openacs4 install at

created two (or more) subsites, say:

set up some groups for pepsi and coke

created a ticket tracker (or ticket tracker lite) for each subsite, such that when users in group pepsi get directed to

and users in group coke get directed to

and underneath each subsite, is a link to the respective ticket tracker for each group, and perhaps some other modules, specific to each group/subsite.

i'm guessing this is the goal of the system, i'm just checking to see if anyone has done this yet, and if the error i'm getting can be fixed by merely upgrading my openacs4.

Posted by Ben Adida on
Rolf, I haven't done this with ticket-tracker specifically, but I've
done it with bboard, FAQ, and a few others. There might still be a
few bugs in the acs-subsite www/ pages, but if you post more
details, I can help you out: OF has been doing quite a bit of work
with acs-subsite and we intend on seeing it work smoothly.