Forum OpenACS Q&A: rebuilding postgres for multibyte support

Has anyone rebuilt Postgres to turn on multi-byte encoding support *after* they already have databases created?  If so, did the old databases still work?  And if not, what did you have to do to bring them back online?  I have to do this on a production system and I'm trying to get a feel for how nasty it's going to be before I start.

Thanks in advance,

Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Re-running configure, make, make install worked for me. The one existing database in SQL_ASCII encoding still seems to work (although there was no chance to do real testing because there's only one empty table in it).
Posted by Janine Ohmer on
Thanks, Tilman, that gives me some hope at least.  Guess I'll have to try it (after making dumps of everything!) and see what happens.