Forum OpenACS Development: RPM-based install of OpenACS 4.x

Posted by Jonathan Marsden on
Dwayne: Thanks for sticking with OpenACS4 in its current state!

If you have further specific suggestions for improving the OpenACS4 install from RPMs, do let me know. I've been rather inactive here for a few weeks, but hope to rectify that somewhat.

There even seems to be some code in the autoinstaller to try and mount some of the core packages automatically; it doesn't seem to work at the moment, though! I think it was a remnant from an ACS 4 classic autoinstall process that needs further work if it is to be useful to OpenACS 4.x. I do want to explore that further.

I'm behind my own personal schedule for creating OpenACS 4 RPMs... fortunately, OpenACS 4 itself has slipped too so my own slippage is not as noticeable!!

My main problem at the moment is trying to integrate the OpenFTS search stuff well into RPMs; it does things like reach back into its own source directory (eek!) at the moment, making a "binary" RPM install distinctly difficult. Getting Oracle search support working, and adding the capability to search more kinds of content, are obviously higher priorities for the OpenFTS team than improving the install issues right now, but I hope at some point to be able to solve this, and so create an easier "out of RPM experience" for newcomers to OpenACS.