Forum OpenACS Development: Content package contribution details

Hi everybody,

We are almost ready for the commit of the content package, I've been working in the cleanup and standards (not accessibility). It has been tested with code from head. :D

The new features of content require minor changes in other packages files, evaluation, assessment, forums, chat, acs-subsite(www/o.vuh), acs-templating(plugin for xinha), ~ 3 lines added in 2 files for each package, the changes don't affect the behavior of any package, the idea was to upload a patch with the package to be applied manually, is this good? is there a better way to do this?


Posted by Dave Bauer on
Each change you are suggesting should be handled seperately.

Please document what the changes are, what they do, and why they are required, and could not be done without making the changes.

Then we can evaluate the changes and decide what should be done.