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Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
First and foremost I did not suggest that they should be included to the core and surely I have spent more time developing these packages than they need to be maintained. MediaBox is probably the only application which I haven't seen in any other project (there are ExtJS-based efforts that do similar things but they are not as complete, IMO)

Having said that, the presentation and persistence layer are a shift in the paradigm. If there is no chance to be considered then there is no real benefit than to keep developing on my own and just upload (like I did) for anyone to "steal ideas" (in the good sense, as described in the TAO of Programming).

So, in many ways, they were not published under any conditions. The question is whether the community/project is ready to consider something new (disruptive) or not. If one is going to take on its shoulders the extra overhead of standardizing/conforming to some rules, then it better be for some reason. My understanding is that the answer is no, that the project/community cannot withstand anything new/disruptive at the moment.