Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ns_sendmail CR/LF lost in some messages

Posted by Bob OConnor on

Well, I think I found the solution. Yippi!

It turns out that it only affected Microsoft Outlook IMO Build, and not all of them...
A smaller group who I didn't study had every line double spaced.

I solved it by striping the return from the CR/LF pair in the message body before calling ns_sendmail:

regsub -all " " $body "" body

I don't know why this works... This problem was never reported when we were using sendmail but started showing up when we started using postfix. I tested from the command line by telnetting to the port with HELO etc and found NO problem. So then it occurred to me that the telnet window was only sending new lines... LF's.

Anyway, onto other stuff...