Forum OpenACS Q&A: OCT Meeting Minutes (14 Jan 2009)

Attendees: daveb, roc, mr_calvin, mcordova, vguerra, geoxito

  • Aolserver and the future
    • Roc talks about 3 topics concerning aolserver:
    • 1. Configuration of aolserver for scallability.
      • Mr_calvin: a compilation of the information related to that is needed.
    • 2. What is the future of aolserver and what we can do as a community regarding that? do we need more releases? can we have someone to do release? shall we move to naviserver or have our own release/fork?
    • 3. What are the implications and possible roadmap for moving our aolserver-logic to other webserver (i.e. apache)? is moving to other webserver worth to do it?
      • Mr_calvin (talking about what he thinks is the Gustaf opinion): in the long run, naviserver is the way to go, because the community is more professional, naviserver is actively developed but not release managed.
      • Mr_calvin: in the mid term, he wants to push towards a firm 4.5.1 aolserver release. which is accepted by the community, has the current cvs fixes + others lurking around etc.
    • Roc will email OCT with that three topics to deeply discuss about it, with Don and Gustaf.
  • Performance of
    • Mr_calvin:, peform better now, but still, the vmware environment might turn out to be too limiting at some point.
    • There is need of dedicated hardware to run
  • Roc will email Patrick to remind him about adding geoxito and mcordova to the OCT mail list.
  • Geoxito and mcordova will do the minutes on the following weeks.