Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Virtual host installation

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Error: nsunix: DrvSendFd unexpectedly, write returned -1!errno is 32 (Broken pipe) at fileoffset 55024 with towrite 6761784 Notice: dbdrv: opening database 'postgres:localhost::video'
The error message from nsunix is one I put in a release or two ago when I added the handling of broken pipes and network waits to nsunix. I think I've taken it out, or lowered it to be a debug in the recent release. Basically it means that a connection was broken while your machine was transmitting data. Observationally I've determined that it means someone got bored with a long download, and clicked over to In other words, that's an ignorable error -- which is why I believe I have removed it.

I don't know the relationship of that message to the postgres message. Do they always show up in pairs?