Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Error updating parameters with xotcl-core installed

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Come on folks, this was just simple bug in an infrequently used situation, introduced 15 months ago. There is no magic involved. The cross-influence came due to the value-changed callback. Dave is certainly right, there should be no need to restart nsd in such situations.

xotcl-core is fixed in head an in the oacs-5-4 branch. It would be even better to have a callback for situations, where a new apm-parameter is created or deleted (like a constructor/destructor). Sorry, it took me 2 days to look into the problem. Shouldn't we use the bug-tracker for such cases?

btw., while i was looking at this, i fixed yet another case of the 'adding missing FROM-clause entry for table ...' in acs-admin

-gustaf neumann