Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ns_returnredirect breaks with nsvhr and IE?

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Okay now this is wierd: I tried the above with dev=true and it worked. Turned dev off, it broke. Dev back on, it's fine.
I've seen this too, and been puzzled by that, and determined it's not completely true (about 90% of the time.) The hypothesis I have draw from that is there is some timing thing going on: the act of having AOLserver dump it's buffers in hex (which is what dev does within nsunix), slows stuff down enough for client and server to remain in sync. Fitting that hypothesis is the knowledge that nssock's graceful-closewait is there in large part because IE is known to have funky timing issues with socket shutdowns and close.

It's not so much AOLserver's guts that are screwed up as something I just don't understand yet about IE, or TCP/IP, and nsunix. As I said, it's a goal of mine to merge the nsunix functionality into nssock itself, but that's a far off goal for now. Easier would be to add the graceful closewait.

But what do you mean when you write:

  1. I forgot that something is being written to the client during the ns_getform itself What is being written to the client? ns_getform isn't writing anything to the client.
  2. For the moment though if I make my form var names short enough I am OK What makes you think this is related to the length of form var names?