Forum OpenACS Development: rss-client includelet stopped to work with HEAD xotcl-core/xowiki

I installed cvs versions today, and found that the rss-client includelet don't work anymore. There is any kind of syntax change involved. For instance,
{{rss-client -url {} -max_entries 3}}
used to work in the previous HEAD version.
Hmm, works for me ( Can it be a temporal problem with the connection to google news? do you get an error message?

i found a problem with the weblog-listings (not directly related), which is a collateral damage of the changes from jan.19th (internal richtext representation) that i fixed just now in xowiki.

Don't bother, restarted to work again.

I have made a mess in my oacs installation, maybe I'll have to reinstall from scratch. Please, don't reprehend me, but as I want to reinstall some packages, after I have changed them, i made the version number greater at the *.info file.

There is a way to force the system to reinstall a package, even wtih lower version numbers? That would avoid me the work, but I didn't find anything in APM.