Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to ns_returnredirect breaks with nsvhr and IE?

Posted by Bob OConnor on

Jonathan, From your Sum up:

1 Make sure your form data is small enough

This doesn't work for me. When you have a big text box like this one for sending lengthy posts to forums or when our UBER IE5.5 users send longish letters to groups of our users.

3 implement the nssock graceful closewait in nsvhr and nsunix as needed, which would involve some AOLServer hacking

Not something I'm up to!

2 use meta-refresh instead of returnredirect

Ok, I'm left with door #2! So how do I use util_ReturnMetaRefresh as a replacement for ns_returnredirect ?

I find nothing in the proc search here is broken (500) so I used my own 3.2.4 /doc/ directory.