Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to restart-aolserver doesn't work

Posted by S. Y. on
I've only run one PostgreSQL instance and never in production (just puttering around), so someone else can explain the implications of running two separate pgsql databases at the same time and what sort of  autonomy they might enjoy.

As to your off-topic query, sadly the site in question is down for the foreseeable future. It was being hosted from a $39.95/mo. Telocity 784K/784K symmetric line on NorthPoint DSL network which was unceremoniously shut down at the end of March. No other broadband provider offers the same combination of service offerings and pricing; they all went out of business. (Although I detest booting Windoze, my $4.95 per month for 150 hours of dial-up modem access is adequate for my current personal needs.)

In any case, I haven't done any web/db work for over a year and a half, so those old articles are really more for a hindrance/distraction to solving issues for today's developers. I'm glad you enjoyed the site, although your reasons are perhaps different than those of the majority of visitors. Or maybe not. :)