Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What should OpenACS be doing for the day aD is gone?

The repositories can certainly be mirrored, I was thinking mostly about the need to get permission to the ASJ articles.  Permission from aD, the author, or both?  They solicited articles from non-aDers so I think the issue might really be one of asking the authors if they'd mind our placing copies here.  Those written by aD staffers may require aD permission instead.

In general I think Jerry's summary is very good and IMO folks could move forward based on it.  The question of who to approach at aD was one that  entered my mind, too.  I don't even know who's left in management that would understand the reason for such a request.  I'm not saying that no one would, just that the "stealth layoff" of over 40% of staff leaves me with very little idea of who is left.

Jerry - do you want to take the initiative on this?