Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What should OpenACS be doing for the day aD is gone?

Jerry - I can give you an account on, no problem there.  We'd want an estimate of the size of the files involved, there's currently about 400MB available on /home on the system, but 5 GB on /usr  ?  Hmmm, is that right?  Anyway the website's on /home so if the files are too big someone will have to futz around.

cvsroot is on /usr so we can dump tons of stuff there.

Anyway, you could copy tarballs over to the server yourself.  All I or someone else needs to do is to organize filtering it into the website.

It will be the new site, I believe, because Talli's close to ready to letting folks play with it.  I know they're swamped at the moment which is why I'm offering to pitch in...