Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Jabber and Cronjob Modules Available

Posted by Michael Feldstein on
My first priority would be to make some kind of minimal chat
room available for people who need it. As I see it, that means we
need a couple of things:

- The ability to spawn a chat room (done?)

- The ability to log a chat room conversation (done?)

- The ability to tie the chat room to permissions (not done?)

- Some kind of chat room client

On this last point, I personally am OK about letting people
download whatever jabber client they like and maybe including
one of the Java clients with OpenACS. However, I understand
that some folks prefer not to require client-side Java since
Windows is now shipping without it installed. In that case, we
would need some kind of in-page javascripty thing with
auto-refresh. (Ugh.)

One other thing that sounds like it might be easy and worthwhile
to do is to create a service contract for a presence indicator that
could be called by other modules.

In terms of other applications for Jabber messaging, while I'm
open to the idea, I have yet to hear of an application that strikes
me as very useful. The only thing I could potentially see is to use
as a bridge to a text pager or some other wireless device. Other
than that...

Anyway, thanks for the good work, Tom.