Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to error when trying to encode japanese subject

Posted by good bye on
Hi, my japanese subject encoding is still broken. I don't get any errors, just junk in the subject.

I am still using the method i described above, but have tried the following instead of ns_uuencode.

  • using bulkmail_base64_encode on the subject
  • using vinod's patch against aol33+ad13 and the new resulting ns_uuencode on the subject
i followed henry's other instructions in patching sendmail.tcl as described at

the baffling thing is that on a different machine, I can send japanese subjects just fine, and I DIDN'T use vinod's patch or the bulkmail_base64_encode.

In fact, i didn't even have to call ns_uuencode, or encoding convertto on the subject, it just works by passing it throug the form.

I tried doing this on my broken machine, but it doesn't work.

Then, I tried doing the bonehead thing and moved my aolserver directory (with compiled binaries) from the working machine to the broken machine. This still doesn't work. Both machines are running AOL33+ad13. Both have sendmail.tcl modified to send shiftjis. I'm totally confused as to why this works on one system and not the other. I guess for reference, the working machine is running SuSe and the non working machine is running RedHat. Anyone have any idea what else I should check?