Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Peeking at source/verbatim...

Posted by S. Y. on
Do you mean like surfing to a web site and seeing the raw Tcl code? At one time ArsDigita hosted a browsable repository. You need to set up a second web server (listening on a different port); in the nsd.tcl config file set enabletclpages to false, disable ADPs, and remap both default and noextension to text/plain (I think) in ns/mimetypes (remove all other mimetypes). Naturally, you could use another web server (like Apache) since you're just serving up HTML and what the server thinks is plain text files.

The only time I found any benefit for such a site was when I wasn't on a PC with the ACS installed. But that's just me.

However, there's far more benefit if you create a standalone documentation web server (for guides, the stuff in /usr/share/doc on a Linux box, kernel docs, the ACS code, AOLserver manuals, PostgreSQL manuals, Oracle HTML docs, etc.) and index it with htdig, swish++, whatever. I've done this on my own machine; htdig takes about an hour to spider and index the documentation server and reports viewing over 30,000 pages. (The htdig database files take up something like 300-400MB, but I keep 'em on a slow drive.)