Forum OpenACS Development: Response to Payment Gateway

Posted by Gilbert Wong on requires a server side https post.  So I'm working on getting that part right now.  The easy way is to compile the tcl tls package and load that up each time you need it.  ns_openssl 2.0 has some client side features but at first glance, I don't see an easy way to do a POST.  The http 2.3 tcl library has a nice interface to do that, but to do a secure post, you need to compile tls and use the tcl interface (which is not a big deal).  I'm going to see if I can yank some of that code an make it look more like the procs in ns_openssl's (2.0) https.tcl file.

We could use this thread to track ideas on how the interface to a generic payment gateway should look.  I can also put a spec in the new-file-storage if you think that's appropriate.  Since I'm not familiar with the cybercash interface, maybe someone who uses it can give a quick overview of what operations are available.