Forum OpenACS Q&A: Ars Digita University compsci courses should also be saved

May I suggest that we also think about the Ars Digita University ( stuff? In particular, they have videos and lecture notes, etc. for the one year intensive computer-science curriculum taught last year that should be worth saving.

The hard part about this stuff is that the video files are big:(500 Meg each). Letting people stream or download that stuff might get expensive. Perhaps ultimately some organization like should get the files and sell each course as a set of CDs at cost. Or perhaps the videos could be re-encoded using a better format, like DivX--given that the videos feature people standing in front of a blackboard, one would imagine compression could work rather well.

In any case, it seems that this material should also be included on the list of stuff to keep alive (thanks Don Baccus for prodding me to post this here).