Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to username instead of emails for login

Posted by Hamilton Chua on
Thanks everyone for responding. . .  Since Jon will be doing some
digging up on his notes on the subject. I guess it's fair that I
share what else I had to implement aside from changing the
user-login.tcl file in packages/acs-subsite.

I must admit though that this is rather awkward specially since I am
working on OpenACS 4.2.

I did not need to change register.tcl (for now at least, though it
seems that I will have to later on) but I had to modify the edit
feature to ensure that users who update their profile enter a unique
screen name.

Aside from the regular register.tcl - I created my own registration
page, because we needed additional input aside from just the
password, email and secret questions/answers.

I am still looking at all the sides and I do very much look forward
to Jon's notes and everyone else's input.

And yes, at a certain point I also did think of appending an
mailto:''; .

Agian, Many Thanks