Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to OpenACS 3.x or 4.x by year end?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Is that adserver available at the aDserver?  (couldn't resist this bad pun!)  If so I must've missed it when I slurped packages down for OpenACS.  Jerry - if you have a minute would you e-mail it to me?  It may die but it's probably fixable.

BTW - my comment about ACS 4 compatibility only applies to the *Oracle* version of OpenACS4.  This guy's using Postgres so there's no avoiding the porting issue.

OK - back on topic.  The strongest argument in favor of OpenACS 4 vs. 3 would be the Content Management tools.  For your use, Musea's "Edit-this-page" may well suffice.  It's relatively easy to build instances that look a lot like the traditional FAQ and News packages as well as more vanilla article scheduling/processing stuff.

The strongest argument against is that not all packages available in the ACS 3 world are available in the [Open]ACS 4 world.  aD never completed porting stuff over.  We'll be seeing packages with similar functionality appearing over the next few months but will it be in time to help you?