Forum OpenACS Development: Re: invalid command name "acs_mail_lite::load_mails"

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Rule #1: There is no magic. When someone sources a file containing a proc and this proc does not exist later, then either someone deleted it or loading the file went wrong. This has not much to do with intuition or experience.

Concerning the error message. My distance diagnosis guess is that you have installed tcllib at a place, which is not included in the load-path of tcl (within aolserver) and that you have a version of openacs installed which is older than 1.5 years.

Why do i think so?
There was a file acs-tcl/tcl/mime-procs.tcl in OpenACS, which was removed 1.5 years ago. This file started with the lines:

if {[catch {package require mime}]} {
package require Tcl 8.3
package provide mime 1.3.3

How do i find out, what the package-path is?
Go to developer shell (ds/shell) and type there
set ::auto_path

Hope this helps.
-gustaf neumann

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on

I followed your thoughts again and you were correct on your diagnose. This box i have is running PO, which explains the old source.

what comes to the necessity of upgrading it.

The upgrading process was successful to the HEAD version of acs-core 5.5. As I expected however, when i try to ugrade pkg acs-tcl...,
once i restart aolserver it gets a bunch of errors of "API non-exists" such as subsite APIs and etc.

The bottom line is we figure out the issue. thanks!
Although i will need to handle another consequent new errors that showed up.

it helped!