Forum .LRN Q&A: dotTEACH and European universities

Posted by Peter Monien on
Hi Jon,

thanks a lot for the fast answer! We are talking to more than 20 universities in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and try to convince them to choose .LRN as their LMS.

And I will definitly bring dotTEACH to their attention. I think it's a great tool and really deserves to have a broad installation base!

Potentially dotLEARN might be a really good fit for European universities as they are right now in the process of switching to the international Bachelor and Master scheme. But contact to the universities has to proove how dotTEACH will be able to help them there.

& many greatings to Rafael and Surath,


14: dotTeach Links (response to 13)
Posted by Jon Suen on
Hello all,

A brief update on the dotTEACH package:

- Developer's documentation manual is now available here:
or, a *.doc version:
(it is up-to-date for the current release of dotTEACH, 0.91a)

- User guides (to aid in navigating the application) are available at the demo site:
(and mostly contain links to *.pdf versions of the guides)

- The package itself (source code) can be downloaded here: