Forum OpenACS Q&A: OCT Meeting Minutes (18/Feb/2009).

Present: roc, daveb, emma_r, mr_calvin, vguerra, geoxito, dhogaza

1) New Documentation process.

There should be a page which explains the process of creating the doc (generate, export...).

Roc explains what he thinks should be the first step on the process:

Job #1 Update
Documentation for next release
Description and Results:

* Result: Quality Documentation for installation.
* Follow official documentation process:
* Test all the documentation to make sure in actually is up to date and that the instructions are correct. Some guidance is already here:
* Integrate / update the appropriate documentation from the into the official documentation. (based on email exchange with Torben, a good review of the same docs has been already done by him at and he is available to answer any questions or give some hints about what to include, etc.)

2) Packaging.

As lenny has landed, the tcl/tk guys at debian will now review our packages. They will package aolserver 4.5.1 too.

3) OCT mail list.

Will be fixed probably after the servers move to Vienna.