Forum OpenACS Q&A: How to use the content repository

Posted by C. R. Oldham on

Can someone give an overview or point me to a resource that talks
about the nuts-and-bolts of using the content repository?  Can we use
it for storing static pages?  How would we serve them? Is it too
difficult for non-technical users to learn how to create and update
pages with it?

Posted by Don Baccus on
The current version of the OpenACS 4 static pages packages maps them to the CR using a variant of our "store content in the file system" flavor of content_item.  We'll then integrate that into the search engine by writing code that fulfills the service contract specified by the search package.

If you want remote editing of static content with ACS permissions control take a look at the edit-this-page package.  Though it only support Postgres at the moment, Jon Griffin (as of about 30 minutes ago)
has committed to porting it to Oracle.

The glossary package, which I'm just finishing porting to PG, gives a simplistic example of using the CR for text and images, as well as the use of acs-workflow, acs-permissions, the form builder and template system.  Too simplistic at the moment to be all that attractive as a glossary package (the package was never completed by aD, being dropped during the big paradigm shift to ACS Java apparently) but it does demonstrate use of many of the various pieces of ACS 4.