Forum OpenACS Q&A: OCT Meeting Minutes (25/Feb/2009).

Present: roc, daveb, emma_r, mr_calvin, geoxito, dhogaza

1) Dave requested for approval the TIP #130 Add -extra_args to search callback definition ( ).

daveb: basically instead of having to rewrite the contract you can write callbacks to handle additional stuff so you can create complex search queries.

It was approved.

2) DNS/server move

The DNS records are at furfly. The idea is to replicate the current settings on the Vienna servers, and then change the server with the registrar.

3) Directory listings

1- Openacs replicate the ns dirlist proc 1:1, with invalid html strict etc
2- It does not respect the config.tcl settings (adp, dirlist proc, fancy vs. simple outlook)

Stefan will do a little cleanup, add some css hooks, and commit. No TIP needed, as it's a bugfix.

Cheers, Héctor