Forum OpenACS Development: Response to webmail status?

Posted by kapil thangavelu on
i've done some further investigating today of the use of python with the openacs. my "wrangling" with the request processor was over fairly quickly (at least for simple interaction).

don, i agree that an integrated solution would be a much better approach, esp. one that unifies the template handling. as for complexity , i feel that programming imap w/ python would be much simpler and more maintainable than the alternatives.

in effort to solve the template issue, i did some more investigation of the ats (and the upvar hell that it is) and was able to integrate python with the ats (with a little more rp work). so python a based solution can also share the same templates that will be used throughout a site:)

i'd like to do some more testing of persistent imap connections and load testing, but i think that a python based webmail is definitely feasible. i don't think its going to nesc. be a single logon system, as most people don't keep won't have their acs passwords the same as their email accnt passwds, and afaik acs passwords aren't stored clear text.

i seriously dislike the approaches of using storing a users email on the server, mail systems like imap were designed for this type of usage. i don't see any reason to reinvent the wheel, by purposefully burdening the openacs with the complexities and overhead of user mail management and the implied restrictions on user access.