Forum OpenACS Development: Response to General Alerts

Posted by kapil thangavelu on
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it sounds like there are two issues being discussed here, functionality and ui of alerts. i'm more interested in functional reuse of the system. functionally, the system being described here could be better described as an event channel supporting a subscribe/publish model with push and pull distribution of events and listener filter registrations. i think such a system would be of great utility and i think designing it in a general way will facilitate functional reuse. as far as implementation i think an approach based on acs-service-contract with a model much like neophtyos did for search would be useful (a little more fleshed out to support some of the additional features and ui). my relational skills are so weak that i hesistate to suggest in front of such an august crowd, but what about a single events table, one for listener registrations, and another for listener filters, and another for event channels, and perhaps one for publisher registrations (on a given channel).