Forum OpenACS Q&A: why I can't open it

Posted by yi zhang on
at my fresh redhat 7.0, I try to install openacs-3.2.5.tgz , when I
type :tar xzvf openacs-3.2.5.tgz, at first it extract file very well,
but it can't

tar:skipping to next header

gzip:stdin:invalid compressed data--crc error

gzip:stdin:invalid compressed data--length error

tar:child returned status  1
tar:error exit delayed from previous errors

because I need install openacs at debian system , so I hope somebody
can tell me where I can find the openacs fit on debian. thank a lot

Posted by Jonathan Ellis on
There's an error in the file you downloaded; downloading it again should solve the problem.
Posted by yi zhang on
but I try to down it for three times, anyway whatever I try it don't work, so I think your answer it not correct
Posted by Connie Hentosh on
I just downloaded the file and decompressed it without problems.  The file I downloaded has a md5 checksum of


and has a length of 2662068 bytes.

Run md5sum on your file and see if it matches. Maybe it would be good to have these attributes on the file download?