Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Google Summer of Code 2009

Posted by Tomasz Kosiak on
Is there someone interested to be a mentor from OpenACS community within Tcl GSoC 2009 effort? Do you have any well defined project ideas which could be written down at

As Matthew mentioned last year Tcl acted as umbrella organization for Tcl/Tk/AOLserver/OpenACS/XOTcl and we were given 9 slots which IMHO shows that this is the right direction.

Unfortunately last year OpenACS project "Development of an integrated, standard-complaint authoring tool for .LRN" by Nima Mazloumi wasn't funded due to too small support from the mentors - I've checked that only Matthew Burke and Gustaf Neuman voted for it to be slotted.

But we did one AOLserver and one XOTcl project which were somehow OpenACS related - but I cannot judge how successful they were.