Forum OpenACS Q&A: What graphing tool to use with OpenACS?

Hi everyone,
I've been looking around for a graphing tool to use with OpenACS.
It needs to be able to draw line charts using data from the database.

So far, I've only found JpGraph, which looks quite good but runs on PHP4.
Read some posts about ino-chart and jplot, which should fit my needs
better, but can't seem to access either one of their websites.

Does anyone have:
1. A copy of jplot or ino-chart?
2. Recommendations of other graphing tools?

Either of the above would be of *great* help! :)

Posted by Don Baccus on
OpenACS4 uses graphviz ...
Posted by Greg Kline on
Another option is nsgd, which is available from
Posted by Simon Buckle on
I used tgdchart when I worked on a project using ACS4 TCL. It's a TCL extension that allows you to draw line charts, pie charts etc via the GDChart C library.
Posted by Jason Khong on
Wow! Thanks for all your suggestions. Looks like I've now got *both* recommendations AND links to the "missing packages" -- parts of tgdchart is based on ino-chart, according to its changelog! :)

I'll start going thru them and see which one fits my needs best.
Thanks again!

Posted by robert karen on
I have acs 3.4 (don't have openacs...yet) and it comes
with a tcl proc that creates bar-charts. look in www/doc
for a file like gra*html (I forget where the proc is but it
starts with 'gr_'). I was just recently playing with
it so I know it works.

It uses html tables and expands 1 pixel images to create the
bars at desired width and length.

Posted by Brian Fenton on
Hi Jason,
I'm interested in this too, so could you please report back on your findings.