Forum OpenACS Development: acs_datatypes table

Posted by Barry Books on
One of the sites I'm working on generates many of the forms used in the user interface. I've added a column to the acs_datatypes table called simpletype_p. I set the value to true if it's a simple type and f if it's an acs object. This allows me to put objects as attributes of other objects. This allows simple datatypes to be grouped into objects and objects plus simple types to be grouped into more complex objects. It also allows acs_objects to represent xml documents since the acs object model maps very closly to XML schemas.

An example could be a contact. This object could now be represented as

Attr Nametypeminmax
This would allow 1 firstname up to 100 chars 1 lastname up to 100 chars and 0 or more addresses to be stored in a countact object

I've found this addition to the data model to be very usful but was never succesful in getting it into the arsdigita version. Does anyone else think this would be usefull and what are the chances of adding it to openacs?

Posted by Don Baccus on
Well, for starters we are open to outside ideas here, and are interested in incorporating good ones.

Right now we're a bit focused on getting our first release out in good order, so it might be difficult to get our attention for a few weeks.

Off the top of my head, though, it sounds like an interesting idea...