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Posted by Philipp Strazny on
I just installed OpenACS4 and had some problems. Thought that some people might want to see what I did:

I followed the steps in "Brief OpenACS 4 installation" by Vinod Kurup

downloaded all installation files, following the links in the document:
(both the most current versions as of 11/01/2001)
(cvs connection didn't work for me, used tarball instead)

OS: Redhat 7.1

problem 1: after installation, the attempt to connect via web browser for the first time yielded the following error:
..."ns_db not enabled"
in the startup log, I could see that "" could not be found (called from
I checked all relevant permissions and created symlinks pointing from to, but no avail
fix: edit the pgdriver makefile and change to, remake & reinstall

problem 2:
OpenNSD stacksize too small (requires at least 128 MB)
fix: as suggested by error message

ns_section ns/threads
add line
ns_param StackSize 500000
Note: this line already appears under
ns_section ns/parameters
but that doesn't seem to do it
(suggested was a lower value, but since 500000 was already generated in the file, I went w/ the higher value)

now the installer was ready to go & finished w/o problems