Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Planning a migration from ACS 3.4.x to OpenACS?

What needs to be done:

1) set up a code repository (nobody responded to my query about sourceforge... is that a viable option?)

Crucial issues (for me): are ACES and ACS compatible enough that my Intranet code isn't going to need a lot of work to get running on ACES? Is the functionality required by the Intranet going to break what you need, Malte?

Once we've resolved the issues, who is going to set this up? Malte, were you interested in doing this?

2) set up a forum for discussing ACS 3.4.x development.

Aside: Can we agree to call the new version ACS 3.5?

Who is going to set this up?

3) What else?