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21: Renaming ACES to ACS 3.5? (response to 1)
Posted by Walter McGinnis on
Uh.  I don't to mean to be a party pooper, but can you rename
ACES to ACS 3.5?  Doesn't the copyright holder for ACS have to
agree to this kind of name change?

On a side note, making a very specific configuration of ACS be
the name holder rubs me the wrong way.  ACS 3.4 can do a lot
that is not readily apparent in the ACES version.  I think you
actually create confusion by doing this sort of renaming.  The
lineage becomes fuzzy.

I guess people can always grab ACS 3.4 or OpenACS 3.x if they
want to have finer grain control of the configuration of their site...