Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to What makes a network efficient AND robust?

Posted by Jerry Asher on
Thanks for the discussion Andrew.

I call it a network layer in part because that was how it was described to me, and in part because I know the client wants to make this part of their platform, and enable others to build their applications on top of it.

Right now I am in the stage where I ask around and see what others think: is there really an issue here?  What is the generally known name for that problem?  What have others done in this area?  That's my attempt to eliminate the ignorant-experts-reinvent-the-wheel and related ignorant-experts-fight-and-churn problem.

Transactional RPC (or google tells me, TxRPC!) that's cool, I'll take a look at that and see what that brings me to.  (Do you know of any open source high performance 5 nine layers?)