Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to This is a little off topic, its a nstcl question

I didn't include db_resultrows in nstcl 0.6 because at least soltcl (Solid) didn't have a way to get at the information. (I'm fairly sure oratcl does, and can't honestly remember about pgtclsh, but I would bet it does too.)

Anyway, having in the past month finished porting from AOLserver 2.3/Solid to AOLserver 3/ACS 4.2/Oracle there probably aren't any Solid/nstcl users left in the world! 😊 So, as of nstcl 0.7 (~a week or two) those databases which do provide a way to tell how many rows were affected by a DML statement will have db_resultrows.

It's kind of nice to know there are actually people out there using nstcl. Are you using it with/because of OpenFTS or for some other reason? Any other AOLserver APIs that you'd find useful from Tcl/Tk? (Just curious. 😊