Forum OpenACS Development: Announcement: XOTcl 1.6.3 available

Dear OpenACS Community,

XOTcl 1.6.3 is available. The new version contains 
noticeable speed improvements, especially, when 
compiled with Tcl 8.5. For OpenACS usage, 
updates are not required, but recommended

Best regards
Gustaf Neumann


Announcing XOTcl 1.6.3

We are pleased to announce the availability of XOTcl 1.6.3

Major changes relative to 1.6.2 are:

  * Functional improvements:

      - simplified and generalized handling of namespaced instance
        variables, where namespaced associative arrays could conflict
        with global variables due to Tcl's default namespace
        resolution. Many thanks to Stefan Sobernig for this

  * Fixes:
     - Corrected deletion of meta-classes. Before, it was possible
       to create undestroyable objects via complex
       meta-class structures

  * Speed improvements:
     - Use of new interfaces in Tcl 8.5 (when compiled with Tcl 8.5)
     - simplified interfaces for various C functions
     - Speed improvement for method invocation benchmark:
         * With Tcl 8.5: 10-15 %
         * With Tcl 8.4:  5-10 %

  * Improve code quality:
      - some more code cleanup
      - factoring out common code
      - using const in more cases

  * Extended regression tests

  * Improved documentation

For more details about the changes, please consult the ChangeLog and

 General and more detailed information about XOTcl and its components
 can be found at