Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Planning a migration from ACS 3.4.x to OpenACS?

IMHO ACS 3.5 would be logical name for the stuff, if ACES would not come preconfigured with support for departments, handouts, assignments and the like. As for who is going to take care of it, if Don sets up CVS I will be more than happy to fill it. I dont think we should have a seperate repository for ACS and ACES. If someone does not want the education stuff, it is pretty easy to get rid of it again 😉.

Plan on our side still is to integrate whatever we can and release the stuff based on the ACES tarball I got from Sloan as the new stable release for ACS 3.x before christmas. Up til then I'd suggest populating the CVS with the ACES Sloan tarball and add whatever else we have (Intranet, Survey, you name it).

What do you think ?

P.S.: Concerning legal issues, well, what the heck. AD has abandoned ACS, Sloan probably would not mind to call it whatever we choose to name it. And as we repackage a whole lot of stuff together into a new release I doubt anyone would come after us.