Forum OpenACS Q&A: Response to Are there any OpenACS User Goups? How about the Bay Area?


Somebody e-mailed me with the same suggestion (why not Salt Lake City?). Here's my response to him ("the U" == "University of Utah", BTW):

> On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 01:51:36PM -0700, xxxxxxxxx wrote:                                                                                                    
> > I'd love to come, but I probably won't do to the travel time. Perhaps                                                                                       
> > the U would be a more central location to host "the largest free/open                                                                                       
> > source software/Linux event in Utah" ?                                                                                                                      
> Probably, but our LUG/Free Software Club is at USU and that's where we                                                                                     
> get all the privileges of an official USU club: almost-free venues, money                                                                                     
> from the department, etc.                                                                                                                                     
> Most importantly, we took the effort. Nothing's stopping anyone from                                                                                          
> doing it at the U or BYU, but we are here and we were willing to make the                                                                                     
> effort to make it happen for 2 consecutive years.                                                                                                             
> If other events like this happenned at the U, BYU, Weber, SLCC, etc.                                                                                          
> excellent! We'd have more people looking at free software/Linux, more                                                                                         
> students finding out the possibilities, and more correct information being                                                                                    
> spread.
> Regarding travel time, it's only 1:30 h from SLC. Not bad at all. I think                                                                                     
> it's more than worth it. I drove 18 hours to get to Linux World for                                                                                           
> example. 

So there it is why.

Don, I invited you (and Ben, and everyone else) to come to this forum about 2 months ago. I guess I should post a news item 😊

We'd love to have you (Don) and anyone else in the OpenACS wagon hop along in this event. Jon Griffin just e-mailed me and is thinking of coming and perhaps setting up an OpenACS presentation (which I'd be glad to join in).

In fact, we are looking to have a "Open Source in Education" 'track' and OpenACS would serve as an excellent example, especially if someone involved with ACES/.LRN would show up (*huge hint*)!